1.The machine is mainly used to slit stick paper, craft paper, plastic film,and other kinds of material.
2.Entire machine is controlled by PLC (two vector motors),man-machineinterface,screen touch operation.
3.Unwind part adopts imported magnetic powder brake control, the rollingdiameter is automatically calculated by PLC, to achieve constant tension control.
4.Traction control is driven by a vector variable frequency motor, to achieve constantlinear velocity control, and effective cut off interacting tension between rewind and unwind.
5.Rewinding part uses the vector frequency conversion motor, to drive magnetic powderclutch, realized by the PLC automatic diameter counting, auto tension control.
6.Unwind part adopts air cylinder or hydraulic power feed, which can save much labor force,and shorten time.
7.The feature of machine is stability, security, efficient, etc.


Unwinding roll  width:      1100mm - 1300mm - 2500mm
Max. Diameter:                 1270mm
Max. rewinding diameter:  800mm
Min slit width:                     30mm
Max running Speed:         200-250m/min
Weight of machine:          4000kg