4 Colour Satellite Tower Printing Unit - pioneered by Raghbeer Machinery Pvt. Ltd. This new concept incorporates two specially designed 4 Colour Satellite Printing Unit mounted one over the other enabling 4+4 printing on 1 web. The vertical placement of one 4 Colour Satellite over the other not only saves valuable space for installation and running of the press but at the same time provides shorter web leads, ease in operation, less wastage, needs less manpower to run. The vertical drive is controlled either by a special 'M' series timer belt or through a vertical drive shaft and gear arrangements. The 4 Colour Satellite Tower Printing unit using common impression cylinders ensures far superior print quality at all press speeds. 


'H' printing module consists of two printing couples, One couple, bottom one, is of arch type architecture and the top printing couple is of 'U' type architecture. This module can print 2+2 colours on one web. 4HI tower, consisting of 2 such H modules placed one atop other, will print 4+4 colours on one web. The 'H' over 'H' is driven by 'M' series timer belt for high accuracy & maintenance free drive. This also helps in better 4+4 registration. The height of the tower gets reduced due to the typical arrangement of the printing couples as mentioned above. The print quality also is better because of short travel of the paper between 2 printing couples