Gathering and stitching machines

Peony-10000 High-Speed Saddle Stitching System


Peony-10000 High Speed Saddle Stitching System is JMD’s latest innovated saddle stitching solution with maximum mechanical speed of 10,000 cycles per hour. This stitching line is controlled through a large icon-based SIEMENS touch screen, all processes are accurately controlled and perfectly finished from signature gathering, stitching, trimming, and good stitched books delivery. It is capable to perform a wide range of stitching formats cost-effectively and in a timely manner, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to large runs.

Outstanding Features:

  • Convenient and easy operation through large icon-based SIEMENS touch screen.

  • Large range of stitching formats from 158*111 mm to 450*311 mm.

  • High-speed and high productivity up to 10,000 cycles per hour.

  • Precise opening of signatures with sucker or low/high folio gripper system.

  • Reject gate for faulty signature to ensure a non-stop production.

  • Compact and robust construction with German Hohner stitching heads.

  • High cost-performance with reliable feeding, stitching and trimming quality. 

Technical Data:
Machine Model: Peony-10000
Max. Mechanical Speed: 10000 cycles/h
Max. Untrimmed Book Size (a*b): 450*311mm
Min. Untrimmed Book Size (a*b): 158*111mm
Max. Trimmed Book Size (a*b): 440*300mm
Min. Trimmed Book Size (a*b): 148*90mm
Max. Stitching Thickness (c): 5mm
Power Required: 18KW